1 HOUR Synthetic ice skills sessions/OFF ICE training

[1 session $40/10 sessions $350]

1 hour skills/conditioning sessions consist of 30 minute skill synthetic ice training & 15 minute agility/conditioning

  • Great for players looking to get into shape for the hockey season & improve their on ice skills WITH one on one instruction

  • 45 minute synthetic ice training focused on improving skills such as; stick handling, shooting, edge work, hockey vision, and much more

  • 15 minute off ice training focused on quick feet, conditioning, and fast transitions


30 MINUTE Synthetic Ice Training Sessions

[1 session $25/12 sessions $250]

30 minute skills sessions consist of training in stick handling, dekes, and shooting

  • Sessions focus on teaching proper stick handling, and creating positive habits thru innovative hockey drills & skill development methods

  • Skill improvement focuses are; shot accuracy & strength, face-offs, quick hands, fluid puck movements, & deke execution

  • Training is entirely done on our Synthetic Ice training pad so players learn skills that are consistent to on ice situations


The Nicole Court training facility is equipped with everything a hockey player needs for on-ice & off-ice training. Sessions are split into 45 minutes of on-ice skill development & 15 minutes of off-ice conditioning